A smoke screen to hide the truth Of the past done in youth A wooden screen to divide the space That cannot stop the heart to race A dark screen to curtail the… Continue reading

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Creator or the Creation ?

Out in the lush green lawn at the beautiful crimson dawn It was pleasant and peaceful in those mountains grand and graceful The constantly moving clouds weaving different designs playing hide and seek… Continue reading


I always think of grandmother for, she is like no other. With a broken hip she is bed ridden and moving about is forbidden. Old Patty needs to stay by her sight to… Continue reading


Freedom August fifteenth. Independence day. Freedom from occupation of the land by aliens.Celebrations. But what about freedom from exploitation of gender and hunger from fights over caste and religion from inequality based on… Continue reading

Power to Change

¬† Give me the power to dare to reach the heights with no fear, Instead of meekly stand and stare. Give me the courage to defend the innocent from injustice of any kind,… Continue reading